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Jimixmedia combines all the services you need.

Jimixmedia is a mobile service platform that combines all the services you need for your digital business on a single platform. This is a new domestic software service that allows you to cheaply test the popularity of your product or the functionality of your business idea. The service guides you through setting up digital marketing, sales, customer relationship management, and networking. The service is designed to help and support you in the right order at each stage.

Example sites

Create all your web page services within minutes.

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The benefits of the platform

The homepages are always ready:

  •   Responsive (works on all devices)
  •   Search Engine Optimized (Discoverability, Ease of Use, and Speed)
  •   Achievable (Site structure complies with the requirements of the EU Accessibility Act)
  •   Data security (sites comply with EU data protection law)

The benefits of the license:

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   Description of service
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